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Elicitation is a technique by which the teacher gets the learners to give information rather than giving it to them.

A teacher elicits the rules for the structure of the first conditional by asking learners to look at some examples, then writing ‘We make the first conditional in English with…?’ on the board.

In the classroom
Elicitation is an important technique for various reasons. It helps develop a learner-centred dynamic, it makes learning memorable as learners can link new and old information, and it can help produce a dynamic and stimulating environment.

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trapesium siku2

lirik : Taman Kami – Taman kanak -kanak

Akulah trapesium
yang punya 4 sisi
2 sisi sejajar
satunya tinggi

1/2 x (jumlah sisi) x tinggi
Itulah luasnya.

(Matematika kelas 5 SD- semester 1)

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Lirik : lagu layang-layang

Ku ambil buluh sebatang
kupotong sama panjang
ku raut dan kutimbang dengan benang
kujadikan layang-layanag

Yuk kita menghitung
Luasnya layang-layang

1/2  x diagonal 1 x diagonal dua
(baca: setengah kali diagonal satu kali diagonal dua)

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Perubahan Fisika- Kimia

Satu lagi lagu pembelajaran di SD yang mudah-mudahan bermanfaat untuk para guraru yang mengajar di Sekolah Dasar. Di waktu mendatang mungkin akan saya lengkapi dengan video atau podcast, seperti saran pak Sukani  di situs Guraru  hehehe :)

Perubahan Kimia – Fisika

lirik : Kicir-kicir

Es batu jadi mencair
Mencair lagi ya kawan membeku lagi
Cobalah terka ya kawan, apa namanya?
Itulah dia Perubahan fisika

Buah mangga jadi membusuk
Sampai esok ya kawan tetap membusuk
Cobalah terka ya kawan, apa namanya?
Itulah dia perubahan kimia

Materi ajar : Perubahan Sifat Benda – IPA Kelas 5 SD

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Lagu Tegar = Lagu Pembelajaran

Salah satu cara menghafal materi pembelajaran adalah dengan cara mengemas materi pembelajaran melalui teknik yang kreatif, lagu misalnya. Mengapa tidak kita manfaatkan lagu pop yang terkenal untuk kita gunakan menjadi lagu pembelajaran. Inilah salah satu contohnya. Materi Puisi yaitu Puisi berdasarkan isinya – Bahan ajar B. Indonesia kelas 5 SD semester 1.

Lirik lagu diambil dari lagu Tegar ‘Aku yang Dulu Bukan yang Sekarang’

Puisi Berdasarkan Isinya

Romansa cinta
Elegi dukacita
Ode sanjungan pada pahlawan kita
Himne puisi doa dan pujian kepada Tuhan Yang Maha Esa

Epigram ; puisi isinya slogan, semboyan bangkitkan semangat perjuangan
Satire ; puisi isinya kisah ataupun sebuah cerita

Dengan cara ini tanya jawab puisi berdasarkan isinya menjadi lebih mudah. Guru tinggal melontarkan pertanyaan seperti: “Puisi yang berisi cerita sedih atau duka cita adalah…”
Pastinya dengan serempak anak-anak akan menjawab: “Eligi”

Demikian rekan guraru mudah-mudahan bermanfaat.

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Creating A Story

666Some listening activities  will wake your pupils up, make them move about, create movement and/or noise. Others will calm down, make them concentrate on what is in front of them and create a peaceful atmosphere. Sometimes we want to have a nice quiet atmosphere and sometimes we want our children move about and we can use listening activities for both purposes (Scott and Lisbeth – Teaching English to Children, Pearson, 2004)

Here is an example of listening activity that make your students move about.

This is an exciting form of story telling which you can do from  a very early stage is to create stories with children.  First the setting: “When did the story happen?” ‘ Once upon a time…’ We must accept the first answer that comes, no censoring allowed. ‘Okay, Once upon a time in…? ‘Egg’

‘Fine . Once upon a time in a country , town called Egg. There was…?’ And so on.

This gives a real feeling  of shared story and you cannot tell how the story will end- but it does, usually rather unconventionally. Making up stories with children at all stages helps them to put their thoughts into words and gives them a starting point for their own writing.

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Spell By Pictures!

Children love drawing as well as colouring. Why don’t we take adantage it toward learning.

When early grades students learn about Englsih  alphabet, we may ask for your students  to spell their names by using pictures. Draw the things that represent student’s name letters

Can you guess what the student’s name is?


Yes, That’s Right! The name of student is DAVID

You know why? because the pictures tell us.




Ice cream


Alright let’s make your awesome learning!

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