Segi Banyak

Segi banyak adalah bangun tertutup yang seluruh sisinya dibatasi oleh garis. Jumlah sudut yang ada sama banyak dengan jumlah sisi yang dimilikinya.

Berikut adalah contoh segi banyak :


Segi banyak

Segi banyak



Bukan Segi Banyak

Bukan Segi Banyak




Sumber: Buku Guru dan Siswa Tema Indahnya Kebersamaan, Kemdikbud 2014




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  1. #1 by Dewi Rahmawati VII D/ FKIP English ( unis Syekh-Yusuf ,Tangerang) on 12 November 2014 - 6:48 am

    After I open the blog . It is very good for add students kowledge about Geometri.But I hope the materials of the subject can be more the kinds of ” segi banyak “, and how to count with the formula of it…,

  2. #2 by anggi destiyanti on 20 November 2014 - 4:42 pm

    this blog is cool. Hopefully an inspiration to fellow teachers to create something interesting that the students are always excited through the day at school.
    Blogs are very good, … A lot of knowledge, ideas and knowledge that I get from this blog
    good evening
    ms resty …. I’ve read some of the contents of this blog.
    This blog is the blog of teachers WHO want to understand and solve problems in teaching.
    this is very nice
    I want to know how to introduce the English language to children play group.

    anggi destiyanti
    VII E
    EKT 1

  3. #3 by ike kurniasih UNIS Tangerang 7E on 21 November 2014 - 9:17 am

    assalamualaikum miss .. I’ve read some topics in your blog, but I am confused about the koment on topics which, because too much. but the writing is very interesting for me. I think is very good. because almost all and indeed all lists of education, and more interesting for me is education for young children as fitting with my activities in the morning with the kids kindergarten. hehe .. an input also to me how to give a material that I think kids will like, because it uses an ICT or pictures and there are songs even though I do not know what kind of tone. hehe .. education is very important, but most people find it difficult to convey a lesson that may be one of the causes is difficult to make children interested in learning something specific, even difficult to make children enjoy and have fun because of the lack of creative ideas to be able to handle that children can have fun and follow the learning well and produce children who are creative and intelligent.
    just do not get tired to continue to share a knowledge in your blog ya miss. all of this is very useful for teachers in Indonesia.
    thank you miss for your sharing. 🙂

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