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#1 Grouping The Children – Pairwork

ImageWhen your pupils are ready to cooperate with others, we recommend some sort of regular grouping as follow:


Pairwork is a very useful and efficient way of working in language teaching. It is simple to organise .

  • Let pupils who are sitting near each other work together. Don’t move the desks , chairs should only be moved it absolutetly necessary
  •  Estabilsh a  routine for pairwork, so that when you say : ‘Now work in your pairs’, pupils know what is expected of them.
  • Pairwork means that everyone in the class is occupied, but even if everyone in the class is working on the same thing, not all pairs will finish at the same time. Do not be tempted to let the pairwork continue until everyone has finished. As soon as you see that several of the pairs have finished. Ask the others to finish off.
  • If you do not have an even number of pupils in the class, then let one group as a three.
  • Go through what you want pupils to do before you put them into their pairs ( Scott and Ythreberg, 2004, Teaching English to Children, Pearson)

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