Mengenalkan English Alphabet Ala Badut Games

Mengenalkan English Alphabet pada anak-anak, khususnya siswa kelas rendah memang mengalami beberapa kendala :

  • Tidak semua siswa lancar membaca dan menulis  (dalam Bahasa Indonesia).
  • Bahasa ibu (mother tongue) masih berpengaruh kuat.
  • Pengucapan alphabet bahasa Inggris berbeda dengan bahasa ibunya. Terutama untuk huruf vokal dan beberapa konsonan seperti w, y , h dsb.
Lalu bagaimana cara guru mengenalkan materi ini? Selain mengajak anak untuk menyanyikan lagu Alphabet song , ajaklah anak-anak untuk bermain games. Caranya:
  1. Pilihlah beberapa vokal atau konsonan yang akan dikenalkan misalnya 4 vokal yaitu a,i,u, e, o atau konsonan w, y , g, h
  2. Ucap ulang  bunyi vokal tsb sampai anak-anak dapat mengenali bunyi dan hurufnya.
  3. mintalah anak untuk menunjukkan huruf  ( dengan kartu huruf atau tertulis di papan tulis )dengan bunyi vokal yang disuarakan guru.
  4. Setelah anak familiar dengan bunyi vokal, mulai permainan ini.
  5. Mintalah beberapa anak maju ke depan. Tempelkan beberapa kartu huruf  dengan selotape ke  bagian tubuh misalnya dada anak.
  6. Guru menyuarakan pengucapan vokal misalnya /yu/, anak  yang bersangkutan  harus mengacungkan tangannya.
  7. Ulangi seterusnya  sampai  semua huruf .
Acara permainan ini juga bisa lebih menarik, seru  dan mengundang tawa jika guru bersedia menjadi ‘ objek penderita’ dari games ini. Jika sebelumnya yang ditempeli kartu huruf adalah anak, kini giliran sekujur tubuh guru yang ditempeli huruf-huruf. Misalnya huruf  a  dan e ditempelkan di tangan kanan dan kiri, huruf  i ditempelkan di bahu,  huruf u ditempelkan di dahi, huruf  o di pipi  .
  1. Pilihlah beberapa  anak secara bergantia  untuk maju ke depan
  2. Guru mengucapkan bunyi vokal  tertentu misalnya /ai/
  3. Anak harus  menarik kartu huruf  vokal yang berbunyi /ai/ dari tubuh sang guru.
  4. Agar acara lebih ‘fun’ ketika anak menarik kartu huruf  dari tangan , gerak-gerakan tangan kita. Anak menarik kartu dari bahu, goyang-goyangkan bahu kita seperti badut.  tapi  ketika  anak menarik kartu huruf dari  dahi…. lompat-lompatlah seperti vampire di film-film Mandarin … ha..ha.. 🙂  pasti semua anak tertawa terbahak-bahak.

Pembelajaran menjadi menyenangkan dan mudah diingat.


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  1. #1 by dwi on 21 December 2011 - 1:56 am

    interesting as a teacher we should have a thousand idea to attract our student, thx

    • #2 by Ms. Resty on 26 December 2011 - 6:47 pm

      no doubt 🙂

    • #3 by Bramantyo on 8 April 2012 - 4:38 pm

      that’s way, a professional teacher is very needed in our Educational System… because it will relate to the students’ attention. Not only playing the games and make some noises in the class, but teacher should think hard about class management and also time allocation. dont to focus on the game and method, but as the teacher, how can we deliver the topic/material in a form to the students. dont be missed the target when we deliver or provide the material just because of they’re too enjoy the game/method.

      sorry, I’m newbie to be here…
      [keep on checking the grammar even we/you were writing]
      nice work mom.

      • #4 by Ms. Resty on 9 April 2012 - 6:54 am

        This is one of teacher approach to convey materials. First because English is not their mother tongue. Secondly teacher can gain students attention by applying games. As you mention that we should keep focusing a path of the material taught. Thank you for comment I am very pleased to have you here. Hope you can take advantages of it.

  2. #5 by Gustarina Haerunisyah on 21 December 2011 - 12:20 pm

    Dear Ms Resty
    It’s very interesting activity, because not every teacher wants to be a clown in the class ha..ha.. 🙂 . I think this activity needs more energy. Could you you tell me how to keep our stamina while we are teaching our students with some kind activities like this one?
    Thank you

    • #6 by Ms. Resty on 26 December 2011 - 6:56 pm

      preparing a good lesson plan is a start to step a head. Next we divide a well time arrangement for each . And last combining both settled and stirred activities is a must to keep your energy.

  3. #7 by Ade Diana Lestari (UNIS) on 26 December 2011 - 10:09 am

    I think it’s a good idea,it can make student fun..but isn’t it spend long time in learning teaching?

    • #8 by Ms. Resty on 26 December 2011 - 7:05 pm

      time management is a solution 😉

  4. #9 by junied ( UNIS) on 30 December 2011 - 12:38 am

    I like the methods, made have fun class situation.
    but how we can handle class with passive students?
    thank you

    • #10 by Ms. Resty on 31 December 2011 - 5:21 pm

      Mostly student love games and this to accommodate all of student learning styles. Thanks you Junied

  5. #11 by FITRI MARINDA (7D Unis ) on 3 January 2012 - 8:00 am

    I think it’s a good method , because the children will easily accept material which conveyed and it can make students fun, like they’re playing. so that students feel learning while playing.
    but how we can handle which hyperactive students?
    thank you

    • #12 by Ms. Resty on 4 January 2012 - 5:39 am

      Allow them to be a part of the game. Thanks you for your comment

      • #13 by sand on 8 April 2012 - 4:22 pm

        *allow them to take a part in the game.

      • #14 by Ms. Resty on 9 April 2012 - 6:56 am

        Yes, that’s right 🙂

  6. #15 by Novera Indiyanti UNIS (7E) on 25 January 2012 - 1:00 pm

    Very interesting, do not make the child tired of listening material. but how do I set a good stamina for the teaching process?

    • #16 by Ms. Resty on 26 January 2012 - 1:13 am

      settled and stirred activity might be used to overcome it.

  7. #17 by Muslina (7.D) on 27 January 2012 - 2:41 am

    I think this is a very interesting to student for learn. Because the subject didn’t made student bored when they are studying in the class.
    with this game, how i can handle the class with lazy student?

    • #18 by Ms. Resty on 27 January 2012 - 3:04 am

      at first a teacher should identify external and internal disturbing him/her hence try to overcome it. Thanks for your visit

  8. #19 by nina herlina 7d on 27 January 2012 - 8:45 am

    I think, it’s a good for children. because it can make the students be enjoy with their teacher and as a teacher, we have to manage times to make it be interesting and not too long.

  9. #20 by Neng Elis Noer'ajizah (7E UNIS) FKIP Bhasa Inggris on 27 January 2012 - 8:55 am

    Assalamualaikum Ms. Resti.
    I think the method is unique and easy to understand by the students, especially the children. So this method can be a way that makes learning fun for students continue to study English. so that pleasure may arise from the age of our children to love the English language. especially for beginners. However, how that students can always focused and comfortable in learning English? its dedicated to junior high students class VII, Ms.Resti. especially in memorizing vocabulary, they are difficult, lazy. . .

    Thank you

    Wassalamualaikum 🙂

    • #21 by Ms. Resty on 28 January 2012 - 1:58 pm

      Be Patient to your students and keep using multi-methods

  10. #22 by IIN APRIANI SUKAYAT/7.D UNIS on 28 January 2012 - 3:37 pm

    I think this method is a very interesting to students, because it can make students be enjoy and didn’t made bored when they are studying in the class. Thanks.

    • #23 by Ms. Resty on 28 January 2012 - 3:43 pm

      Students n teacher are both happy 😀

  11. #24 by siti sukaesih 7 E on 30 January 2012 - 9:34 am

    it’s very interesting method, because make a student and teacher happy in the class.. and the teacher also must be spirit..
    I think besides happy students also can more easy to learn and quick to understand than teacher ask students to memorize alphabet one by one..

  12. #26 by Rahmiati Aprilia on 30 January 2012 - 11:04 am

    Rahmiati Aprilia (UNIS 7E)

    Dear Ms Resty
    Your blog is inspire me especially Learning Alphabet by Using Clown Games.For me as a kindergarten teacher your method is fun and interesting,and also someday I will apply your method in my class.Miss can you give me some tips how to be a creative teacher? because sometimes I have no idea to makes my class fun?

    Thank you

    • #27 by Ms. Resty on 30 January 2012 - 2:26 pm

      Always plan your lesson, sharpen your creativity by reading many resources . You can get it from books or blog like mine 😀

  13. #28 by INDAH SEPTIANA DEWI (7D UNIS) on 31 January 2012 - 8:04 am

    it’s very good method, because make the student can be fun to learn english subject

  14. #29 by happy adaninggar on 31 January 2012 - 8:54 am

    i interest your method because the method will be used also affects the students, students with an introduction to the alphabet through the medium of pictures or flashcards child will quickly understand what is taught.

  15. #30 by Merya Yuliyanti_VII D_UNIS on 1 February 2012 - 11:17 am

    what a nice game!
    let’s try it to our students..
    actually, students like games very much,, so this is a fun way to present alphabets in English to Young Learners..
    hope this can make our students become more interested in learning English..

    thank you so much..

  16. #31 by sry wahyuni damanik on 3 March 2012 - 2:42 am

    suka suka suka dengan yg ini 😉

  17. #32 by ayni on 13 July 2012 - 2:18 pm

    need your help miss, cause the facilties in my school are limited,,,so.,please give me some cheapest activities for teching english for young learner……..thx before…

  18. #33 by anjar on 2 December 2012 - 4:03 am

    What a method, I completely believe that it’ll work to the students, thanks Miss u’re inspiring us to do better in teaching 🙂

  19. #34 by mrs. renyta on 18 November 2014 - 5:06 am

    Great method mam. Usually I just sing the Alphabet song when I teach kids class but after I’ve read your article I think I should try this game next time. Thanks for the information mam.

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