Learning English by Telepathy Game

This  activity  based on the  idea of one child pretending to send a message to the  in the class by telepathy.  The idea is to see how many people receive the message correctly. This is another activity which is designed to make repetitive practice fun and a matter of real exchanges and interactions. It provides a reason for going over and over the same phrases. It can be done either as totally oral exercise or it can make a very useful exercise for classes which are already writing.

Language focus in this example As with all the best activities, it can used to practice almost any phrase. In this example the topic is the days of the week.

Materials requiredSome prompts for whatever you want to practice. In this example, they are letters written up on the board, but these prompts could also be pictures/symbols/words/sentences on the board.

Preliminary work

This activity builds on oral work the children have already done.  Even so, as with most activities, it  is a good idea to ‘warm them up’ with some quick chorus and individual accurate repetition before you start. Suggested procedures

  • Put the prompts on the board. ( write the first letter of the day of the week namely; M- T-W-T-F-S-S  vertically)
  • Do some quick revision by getting  the  children to practice saying them in chorus and individually
  • Number each one
  1. M
  2. T
  3. W
  4. T
  5. F
  6. S
  7. S
  • Get one child to be a telepathist to come in front
  • She/he whispers to you or writes down the number of the phrase ( It’s Thursday) she is going to transmit.
  • She/he is given a few seconds to transmit the message to the others by ‘telepathy’.
  • Each child in the class writes down the number of the phrase they have ‘received’.
  • Check quickly round the class, getting each child to say the phrase they ‘received’.
              First child (who wrote down 2): It’s Tuesday
              Second child (who wrote down 4):Its’s Thursday
              Third child (who wrote down 2 ) It’s Tuesday
              and so on
  • The child ( the telepathist)  at the front can keep the score for each phrase alongside the prompts on the board.
  • On the board we can see the result of transmission . the child( the telepathist)   chose to ‘transmit’ Thursday and scored  3
  • Repeat the whole process and let another child see if they can socre a higher number of correct  ‘ transmissions’
Halliwell Susan, Teaching English in the Primary Classroom, Longman Handbook for Language Teachers series, 2010

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  1. #1 by Ms. Resty on 16 January 2012 - 6:35 am

    I like learning this way after I tried my students loved it and so the spirit. and the game can to increase of listening skills and reading skill students and also increase the child’s learning English vocabulary with telepathy game also increase a collection of my game for the class.
    example of game: a class divided by 4 (four) groups, each group then came forward and I gasped out one word or sentence, then they submit to a friend next to him and his group f excessive hissing down to the last friend, well the last group reiterated to the teacher.
    for example: this is a book
    then the first person directly next to him whispering to a friend or a bench.

    VII E

  2. #2 by Nurbaity Iftakh on 30 January 2012 - 5:23 am

    Waw..it’s very interesting learning I think. Well, I want to apply this technique in my teaching process. Do you know what? You are so inspire me to teach creatively. I love your creative ideas in your teaching process. But, can you share me an interesting method to teach five until six grade of elementary level, Miss? I’ll wait your reply..;-)

    • #3 by Ms. Resty on 30 January 2012 - 2:33 pm

      OK Insya Allah . However please click tag English in my blog. Perhaps you can take advantages of it

  3. #4 by ROSIANA/7F on 29 December 2012 - 10:33 am

    Ms… you know … when i saw u teach us in the class,,, sometimes i think ,,,
    how i could be like u as a creative teacher…
    i don’t have any experiences in teaching… and i m not to be a teacher yet.
    but i wanna be a teacher…
    so when i read ur article it really make me a motivation to be good teacher…

    so.. would u like to share about anything as a teacher like method, technique, and etc,.. 😀

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